A Q&A with PBR Riders Tyler Harr and Matt Triplett

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A Q&A with PBR Riders Tyler Harr and Matt Triplett

Tyler Harr

Did you always want to be a professional bull rider?

Yes. I've always dreamed of competing in the PBR. As a kid in the early 90's I watched the PBR telecast and that's when I decided that not only do I want to ride bulls, but that the PBR was the level I wanted to achieve.

What motivates you?

I'm motivated in different ways. I think the love of the sport is one. I love to win and succeed in whatever I do. Losing is not part of my DNA, and since entering the BFT series of the PBR I've lost more than ever in my career. So until I win, I will not be satisfied. Just as importantly, succeeding at the BFT level will allow me to better my family's lives drastically and that plays a huge roll in what helps me stand back up after getting knocked down.

How do you prep for a competition?

I spend a lot of time prepping for competition starting on the Monday following the latest event. My trainer and I try to evaluate what I've injured or where I'm sore at and how we can rehab that as much as possible to have my body feeling as good as possible the following Friday. Then we train whatever muscle groups aren't affected by injury and by Wednesday evening we are back to rehabbing and stretching to get any soreness from the workouts eliminated before the event.

What do you like to do in your down time?

In my down time I try to spend time with my family and work shoeing horses. Our young daughter has started competing in rodeos. I enjoy hunting and fishing when I'm off. In the down time away from home when I'm at the events I like to watch movies and enjoy golf because of how hard of a mental game it is. I'm usually so frustrated at the golf ball that it keeps my mind off of the event, and the pressure that comes with it. It keeps me from sitting around thinking too much and getting anxious.

Final word-- "Hard work and perseverance pays off. I'm proud to be sponsored by Ariat."

Matt Triplett

Describe your best ride, most successful ride

My best ride was at the 2014 world finals on a bull called walk off that at that time had only been ridden one other time and I was 92.50!

Is there a bull you love to draw/ride? Or opposite, not like to draw/ride?

A bull that I love would love to draw is Mr. Bull.

Who is your hero/ideal?

My hero is Tom Brady because he is a winner and I look up to winners!

What do your work outs look like?

My work outs start out by heading to Cryo-therapy in the morning and yoga in the afternoon and end the day with a horseback ride!

What are your new goals for competition?

My goals for bull riding is win the world!!

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