Ariat FR M4 Shale Low Rise Boot Cut Jean

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    • Ariat M4 FR Jeans
    • 100% Cotton
    • Low-Rise Waist
    • No-Rub Inseams
    • Extra Deep Pockets
    • Anchored Belt Loops
    • 30-44 Sizes
    • HRC 2

    Ariat’s M4 FR Jeans are a favorite among pipeliners, refinery workers, and individuals in the combustible dust industry. The 100% cotton is very soft, yet durable enough to withstand the hardships that industrial workers face daily. The low-rise waist doesn’t ride up and make you feel uncomfortable like other jeans will do. The inseams don’t rub on you and cause skin irritation. Extra deep pockets have plenty of room for tape measures, PPE, and your personal items. The reinforced belt loops don’t burst like cheaper counterparts and are ready for the grind. Ariat FRC Jeans are among our most popular fire retardant jeans that we carry because they offer excellent longevity, are stylish, and affordable. These flame resistant work jeans carry an Arc Thermal Protective Value of 20 cal/cm^2 and are NFPA 70E & 2112 rated.