Bulwark offers wearers top notch shirts and pants for workers who need FR clothing. We offer up a large on hand inventory of jackets, shirts, jeans, pants, and other flame resistant garments that is ready to ship out. We have arc rated and fire retardant clothing that meet OSHA, ASTM, and NFPA standards. Whether you're in the oilfield, petrochemical, offshore, electrical, or combustible dust sectors, we've got you covered head to toe with personal protective equipment at munrossafety.com Get your safety needs this instant!

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    Bulwark FR’s classic fit jeans sit just below your natural waistline. The PEJ4DW gives you a soft and comfortable fit. Two front pockets are a great place for safety glasses or tape measures when you’re not using them. Rear pockets are an excellent spot for your personal items. Two-seam construction helps maintain the durability of these fire retardant jeans to increase the longevity of this PPE. The FR Jeans have been pre-washed so they have a great fit and come with a front nonconductive...

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      Bulwark’s pre-washed denim dungaree jeans are very resourceful all while keeping you safe in the workplace. Composed of 100% fire resistant cotton these FR jeans feature five pockets to help you store all your essential workplace items. The two front pockets are extra deep and an excellent place for you to store your safety items. The hammer and utility loop are a great place for workplace items. The triple needed felled outseam is ready to be battle tested because it’s reinforced two more...

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