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Bulwark Item #: QT20 -

Bulwark’s FR iQ Series Henley is an excellent pullover frc shirt that’s ideal for the warmer months or a great Spring day. The 69% cotton, 25% polyester, and 6% polyoxadiazole blend that is soft to the touch and meets most major safety standards. The four button placket can be fastened to help protect you against arcs or flashes. A rib knit collar is easy on your skin and doesn’t agitate you like other FRs can. The front left chest pocket is a superb place for you to put your safety glasses...

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Price: $64.95
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Bulwark Item #: SEL2 -

Bulwark’s Henleys are an excellent FR Shirt for the summer months and do a great job at keeping you cool and secure while you’re grinding out long hours at work. Composed of 100% fire retardant cotton, this shirt is very soft to the touch, pliable, and meets all major safety requirements that the petrochemical industry demands. The 7.25 ounce FR Fabric is very lightweight and not cumbersome like other FRCs can be. A three button placket can be buttoned up to your preference and should be...

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