Rasco FR Hooded Jacket - Navy
Price: $118.00
Availability: Back Order
Rasco Item #: FR3504NV -

    Rasco FR’s NJFQ2210 flame resistant navy jacket is a welcome addition to any petrochemical employees safety arsenal because it employees HRC 3 protection, keeps you warm, and doesn’t break the bank. A 10 ounce outer shell keeps you warm and help protect you from electrical arcs. Furthermore, the 7.5 ounce FR jacket liner ensures that you’re toasty during the cold months and also offers additional protection from the hazards of the oilfield. A removable safety hood protect and keep your head...

    Rasco Flame Resistant 10 oz Navy Hooded Sweatshirt
    Price: $74.00
    Availability: Back Order
    Rasco Item #: FR2002NV -

      Rasco’s NSF151 FR hoodie blends casual style with durability and gives a flame resistant hoodie that we can all afford and look good in. Consisted on 10 ounce flame resistant fabric this hoodie is comfortable for oilfield workers and strong enough to take on the elements. The flame resistant hood is attached to the FR pullover and will protect your head from cold weather as well as flash fires. The draw string closure helps keep you warm as well as protected. Rib knit cuffs cut off the space...

      Rasco Flame Resistant 10 oz Black Hooded Sweatshirt
      Price: $74.00
      Availability: Back Order
      Rasco Item #: FR2002BK -

        Rasco’s BLF1154 black fire retardant hoodie is a great piece of FR winter clothing that keeps you warm and has safety at the forefront. At 10 ounces, the flame retardant fabric is very comfy, yet strong enough to battle electrical hazards and blasts that can occur in the workplace. The attached hood covers your head with arc rated FR material and helps give you additional protection. A draw string closure ensures that your head stays warm and continues to safeguard you from blasts or arcs....

        Rasco FR Hooded Jacket - Cajun Camo
        Price: $118.00
        Availability: Back Order
        Rasco Item #: FR3504CC -

          Rasco’s CJFQ2209 camo FR hooded jacket give you hazard risk category 4 protection at an affordable price and you can go bird hunting or hop out of the deer stand and head straight to work in the same winter clothing. The 10 ounce camo shell helps hide you from ducks as well as protect you from arc flashes and thermal blasts. A 7.5 ounce liner keeps you warm and protected from hazards that occur in the oilfield. This flame resistant camo hood features a removable hood that keeps your upper...

          Rasco FR Hooded Jacket - Brown Duck
          Price: $118.00
          Availability: Back Order
          Rasco Item #: FR3507BN -

            Rasco FR’s BJFQ2206 flame retardant hoodie jacket is a great fit for petrochemical workers trying to stay warm in cold weather and winter months. The 10 ounce flame resistant outershell repels arc hazards and help keep you safe in dangerous conditions. The 7.5 ounce liner keeps you warm and still has fire resistant capabilities to protect you. The removable hood is constructed out of FR fabric and keeps your head and neck warm as well as shields you from workplace hazards. The adjustable...

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            Price: $186.95
            Availability: In Stock
            Bulwark Item #: SEH4NV -

              Bulwark FR’s Hoodie features 12.5 Ounce 95% Cotton 5% Spandex composition that’s very soft and protects your person from thermal blasts and flash hazards. A drawstring helps seal off your upper extremities that helps protect you. When worn, the hood is composed of the same FR Fabric and carries an Arc Rating ATPV of 16 calories/cm^2 and helps safe guard your head. The hemmed sleeve can be pulled up when you’re getting your hands dirty. An elastic waist expands to accommodate you during the...

              Workrite 7 oz Ultrasoft Black Athletic-Style Jacket/Liner
              Price: $130.95
              Availability: In Stock
              Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 530UT70BK -

                Workrite 6 oz Nomex IIIA Lab Coat
                Price: $112.95
                Availability: In Stock
                Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 350NX60 -

                  Bulwark FR Knit Balaclava with Face Mask - Navy bulwark,bulwark fr,bulwark frc balaclava,bulwark winterwear,bulwark cold weather clothing,bulwark outwear accessories,bulwark  cold weather accessories,bulwark face mast,bulwark fr balaclava,bulwark balaclava face mask,bulwark fr balaclava face mask,bulwark frc balaclava,bulwark frc balaclava face mask,bulwark arc rated balaclava,bulwark hrc 2 balaclava,bulwark hrc 2 balaclava face back,hmb2nv,hmb2nv bulwark,hmb2nv balaclava,hmb2 balaclava,hmb2 bulwark,hmb2 bulwark balaclava,hmb2 face mask,navy fr balaclava,fr face mask,frc face mask,flame resistant balaclava,fire resistant balaclava,flame retardant balaclava,fire retardant balaclava,fire resistant face mask,flame retardant face mask,flame resistant face mask,fire retardant face mask
                  Price: $55.95
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Bulwark Item #: HMB2NV -

                    The HMB2NV Bulwark Balaclava with Face Mask does an excellent job of keeping you warm in the winter months and protecting your face from the elements as well as workplace hazards. The balaclava fits over your head and has an articulated face mask that provides warmth as well as protection. The face portion of this balaclava is double layered in order to give you additional warmth/safety for the front of your face. The long neck skirt keeps you warmer and covers your extremities with FR Fabric...

                    Workrite 8 oz Nomex IIIA Navy Polartec Fleece Jacket
                    Price: $212.95
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 385NX60NB -

                      Bulwark FR Insulated Bomber Jacket - Navy bulwark,bulwarkfr,bulwark frc,bulwark fr clothing,bulwark fr clothes,bulwark fr jacket,bulwark fr jacket,bulwark fr bomber jacket,bulwark frc bomber jacket,bulwark fr ppe,bulwark winter clothing,bulwark fr winter clothing,bulwark insulated jacket,bulwark insulated frc,bulwark insulated fr clothing,bulwark insulated outerwear,bulwark flame resistant winter jacket,bulwark fire resistant jacket,bulwark fire retardant winter clothes,bulwark flame retardant winter clothing,bulwark fire resistant outerwear,bulwark fire retardant outerwear,bulwark flame retardant outerwear,jlr8nv,jlr8nv bulwark,jlr8nv bulwark jacket,cold weather protective clothing,winter ppe,cold weather ppe,cold weather fire resistant jacket,cold weather fr jacket,cold weatherfr
                      Price: $235.95
                      Availability: In Stock
                      Bulwark Item #: JLR8NV -

                        Bulwark’s FR Bomber Jacket is an excellent article of PPE that will help keep you warm and protected during the cold winter months. The flame resistant outerwear features 100% fire retardant cotton liner. A Nomex taped zipper helps protected the wearer where just the zipper could leave him/her vulnerable to flash hazards. The inner chest pocket is an excellent place for you to store your personal belongings in this cold weather arc rated jacket. The deep-pleated back gives an excellent look...

                        Carhartt FR Brown Duck Bomber Jacket
                        Price: $210.95
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Carhartt Item #: 101623-211 -

                          Carhartt’s FR Brown Duck Bomber is ideal for industrial workers who want the trusted Carhartt brand, but with Flame Retardant Capabilities. The classic brown Carhartt jacket is notorious for working individuals and is composed entirely of 100% flame retardant cotton. The 11.5 Ounce Quilt Liner helps keep you warm in the winter months or cold weather conditions. A sturdy brass frontal zipper will hold up under the tough oilfield conditions. Nomex zipper tape gives wearers added protection...

                          Workrite 12 oz Nomex IIIA Beanie
                          Price: $32.95
                          Availability: In Stock
                          Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 575NX12BK -

                            Workrite 7 oz Ultrasoft Navy Insulated Parka
                            Price: $200.95
                            Availability: In Stock
                            Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 510UT70NB -

                              Bulwark FR Parka - Navy bulwark,bulwark fr,bulwark frc,bulwark frc parka,bulwark fr parka,bulwark fr outerwear,bulwark heavy jacket,bulwark fr heavy jacket,bulweark winter fr,winter fr outerwear,cold weather fr clothing,cold weather protective clothing,cold weather fr,winter work clothes,bulwark mens parka,bulwark fr parka,bulwark winter frc clothing,insulated fr,insulated frc clothing,winter fr insulated clothing,fr insulated outerwear,insulated fr jacket,arc rated insulated jacket,arc rated parka,arc rated outerwear,arc rated insulated parka,hrc insulated jacket,hrc insulated parka,hrc insulated outerwear,mens fr parka,fr parka,fr insulated clothing,fr cotton parka,frc cotton parka,fr clothing,frc clothing,fr clothes,bulwark fr clothing,jlp8nv,jlp8nv bulwark
                              Price: $266.95
                              Availability: In Stock
                              Bulwark Item #: JLP8NV -

                                Bulwark’s Flame Resistant Winter Outerwear is a great choice for workers in industries that require the use of PPE. The Excel FR ComforTouch Deluxe Parka features 12 Ounce insulation that helps keep you warm and protected from electrical arcs, thermal blasts, and flash hazards. A Nomex taped zipper is a great additional to protection to help keep you safe while on the jobsite. Three large pockets found on the front of this FR parka are an excellent place for you to store work related items. An...

                                Rasco Flame Resistant 10 oz Gray Hooded Sweatshirt
                                Price: $74.00
                                Availability: Back Order
                                Rasco Item #: FR2002GY -

                                  Rasco’s GSF1152 grey fire retardant hoodie is a stylish, affordable, and long lasting solution to keep you warm and safe during the cold long winter months or cold weather climates. Made of 10 ounce flame resistant fabric the FR cotton is soft, yet durable and ready to take on any situation that it faces. The attached hood helps protect your upper extremities from hazards that stem from the utility, petrochemical, combustible dust, and utility markets. Twin front pockets keep your hands warm...

                                  Workrite 9.5 oz Ultrasoft Navy Lab Coat
                                  Price: $71.95
                                  Availability: In Stock
                                  Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 350UT95NB -

                                    Workrite 6oz Nomex IIIA Bomber Jacket
                                    Price: $190.95
                                    Availability: In Stock
                                    Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 320NX60 -

                                      Workrite 9.5 oz Ultrasoft Navy Bomber Jacket
                                      Price: $149.95
                                      Availability: In Stock
                                      Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 320UT95NB -

                                        Workrite 7 oz Ultrasoft Insulated Bib Overall
                                        Price: $207.95
                                        Availability: In Stock
                                        Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 580UT70 -

                                          Carhartt FR Navy Duck Bomber Jacket
                                          Price: $210.95
                                          Availability: In Stock
                                          Carhartt Item #: 101623-410 -

                                            Carhartt’s extremely stylish, safe, and durable flame resistant duck bomber jacket is our most popular FR Jacket by a strong margin. Composed of 13 ounce FR Cotton this jacket is very soft, yet strong enough to take down almost anything that the oilfield throws at it. The 11.5 ounce quilt lining helps preserve your body heat and hamper flashes and blasts from penetrating the inner part of this fire retardant jacket. Protective flaps give you more protection by covering the zipped part of the...

                                            Rasco FR Hooded Jacket - Denim
                                            Price: $118.00
                                            Availability: Back Order
                                            Rasco Item #: FR3522DN -

                                              Rasco’s DJFQ2208 men’s FR denim jacket is built to take on the abuse that industrial employees throw at it on a daily basis. Made out of 11.5 ounce denim this jacket keeps you warm and the denim has a strong resistance to abrasion and tearing unlike other FR jackets. The 7.5 ounce inner liner has FR capabilities and is sure to keep you warm when the weather isn’t. A removable hood protects your head from the cold elements as well as safety hazards. Dual pouch pockets are reinforced to keep...

                                              Bulwark Deluxe Insulated Bib Overall - Navy Bulwark,bulwark fr,bulwark frc,bulwark fr insulated bibs,bulwark frc bibs,bulwark fr bib overalls,bulwark fr bibs,bulwark deluxe bib overalls,bulwark navy bib overalls,bulwark fr navy bibs,bulwark flame resistant insulated bibs,bulwark fire resistant insulated bibs,bulwark flame retardant insulated bibs,bulwark fire retardant insulated bibs,blc8nv,blc8nv bulwark,blc8nv bulwark bibs,bulwark arc rated bibs,bulwark hrc bibs,bulwark hrc 2 bibs,bulwark arc rated bib overalls,bulwark arc rated,arc rated bibs,fr bibs,frc bibs,flame retardant bibs,fire retardant bibs,flame resistant bibs,fire resistant bibs,fr safety bibs,fr insulated bibs,insulated flame resistant bibs,insulated fire resistant bibs,insulated fire retardant bibs,insulated flame
                                              Price: $241.95
                                              Availability: In Stock
                                              Bulwark Item #: BLC8NV -

                                                Bulwark’s BLC8NV deluxe insulated bib overall is a must nave for cold weather environments and winter months. This HRC 4 Safety Apparel features a Nomex taped zipper to give extra FR Fabric and protection against arcs and blasts. Elasticized straps move with you and help cater to your shape. Reinforced knees are excellent for mechanics and/or people who spend a lot of time on the ground working in the plants and oilfield. Ankle-to-Hip zippers allow you to make these bibs breathe when in...

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