Workrite 7 oz. Ultrasoft Bib Overall
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Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 155UT70NB -

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    Bulwark Item #: BLF8NV -

      Bulwark’s BLF8NV Bibs are an excellent addition to your closet4 and offer great protection for petrochemical, electrical, utility, and combustible dust employees. The elastic straps give a little and help accommodate to your figure. The non-conductive buckle won’t zap you if an electrical arc occurs because they don’t pass current. A large front pocket acts like a pouch and can help store ear plugs and/or safety glasses. The two hip pockets are a great place for you to put personal items. A...

      Workrite  6 oz. Nomex IIIA Bib Overall
      Price: $147.95
      Availability: In Stock
      Workrite Uniform Co. Item #: 155NX60 -

        Lapco Flame Resistant 13oz Denim Bib Overall
        Price: $98.95
        Availability: In Stock
        Lapco Item #: B13FRDN -

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