Bulwark FR Knit Balaclava - Natural

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    • Bulwark Nomex Balaclava
    • Double Layer
    • Extra-Long Neck Skirt
    • Soft & Durable
    • One Size
    • HRC 3

    Bulwark’s HNB2NA Balaclava is a must have for industrial workers in cold weather environments or during the winter months when you need warmth and safety. This FR nomex balaclava is double layered to give you additional protection from arc and electrical hazards as well as the cold. The extra-long neck skirt gives your head/neck area additional protection and warmth. The natural coloration doesn’t absorb the sun’s heat like darker colors so it can help prevent perspiration, but still keep you warm and safe on the jobsite. This PPE carries an Arc Rating ATPV of 26 cal/cm^2.