Thorogood American Heritage 8" Moc Toe - Safety Toe
Price: $179.95
Availability: In Stock
Thorogood Item #: 804-4378 -

    Thorogood’s 804-4378 is one of our best-selling safety toe work boots and it remains at the top of our list year after year. Proudly Made in the USA, these steel safety toe boots are EH Rated and feature a strong steel safety toe that protects your feet against heavy or falling objects to prevent loss time accidents in industrial workplaces. A goodyear storm welt is stitched down to the outsole to prevent the leather boot from coming apart from the MAXwear Outsole. This increases the life of...

    Thorogood American Heritage 8" Wedge Sole Moc Toe - Safety Toe
    Price: $184.95
    Availability: In Stock
    Thorogood Item #: 804-4208 -

      Thorogood’s 804-4208 men’s steel toe work boot is proudly made here in the USA by fine workers at Weinbrenner Shoe Company in Merrill, Wisconsin. This boot and the Thorogood 804-4378 are our two best-selling boots in our brick and mortar locations as well as on this ecommerce site. The tobacco colored uppers are precisely stitched to give this work boot a simple yet elegant look that is rugged and ready to take the oilfield by storm. The steel safety toe is stronger than most composite toe...

      Thorogood American Heritage 6" Moc Toe - Safety Toe
      Price: $169.95
      Availability: In Stock
      Thorogood Item #: 804-4375 -

        Thorogood’s 804-4375 men’s work boots lace up and provide a steel toe to help protect your feet from falling objects or sharp things that could penetrate your boots and cause an accident. These Made in the USA work boots are crafted from stylish trail crazyhorse leather and feature reinforced stitching to ensure that the boot is built strong to last a long time. Goodyear welt construction securely binds the boot to the polyurethane outsole so that the boots don’t come separated. The...

        Timberland Powertrain ESD - Alloy Safety Toe
        Price: $109.95
        Availability: In Stock
        Timberland Item #: 1062A -

          Timberland PRO 1062A safety toe tennis shoes offer house slipper comfort with major safety standard protection from falling/heavy objects. An alloy toe is lightweight and won’t be as cumbersome as a steel toe, but still safeguard your feet. The fiberglass shank helps reduce the amount of weight incurred by your calves and feet and keeps you fresh during long days at the workplace. The anti-fatigue technology helps harness the energy incurred by each footstep and bounce that same energy off the...

          Thorogood 8" Waterproof Side Zip - Composite Toe
          Price: $112.95
          Availability: In Stock
          Thorogood Item #: 804-6191 -

            Thorogood’s uniform safety toe 804-6191 boots are an excellent choice for workers who want a lace up boot that’s lightweight and presentable. The cement construction securely binds the outsole with the actual boot and ensures the longevity of this PPE. These waterproof work boots are blood borne pathogen compliant. A removable “shock zone” footbed with vents keeps your feet from perspiring and relieves pressure on the balls and bottom of your feet. The outsole features EVA impact pads that...

            Ariat Sierra Puncture Resistant Square Toe - Steel Toe
            Price: $164.95
            Availability: In Stock
            Ariat Item #: 10012948 -

              Ariat manufacturers some of the highest quality safety toe boots in the industry. The Sierra Steel Toe is an excellent boot that’s ready to take on the most challenging conditions. Composed of full grain leather this men’s steel toe boots features ATS Technology that gives excellent stability as well as comfort that alleviates the wear and tear that your feel face. A Goodyear welt helps maintain the integrity of this industrial footwear. The uppers feature an intricate western design that...

              Thorogood Sport Oxford - Composite Toe
              Price: $119.95
              Availability: In Stock
              Thorogood Item #: 804-4035 -

                Thorogood’s 804-4035 composite toe hiking shoes are a great article of PPE for petrochemical workers who want optimal protection and performance for their feet. The lace up design allows you to adjust how tight the shoes are bound to your feet. Cement sole construction means that these safety toe work shoes aren’t coming apart any time soon. The full grain leather gives these Thorogood shoes a great look that can be work outside of work. A polyurethane static dissipative footbed is what your...

                Thorogood American Heritage 6" Plain Toe - Safety Toe
                Price: $169.95
                Availability: In Stock
                Thorogood Item #: 804-4374 -

                  Thorogod men’s 804-4374 work boots lace up for a snug fit and have a steel safety toe to repel hazardous objects from crushing your feet while at a jobsite or while working. A goodyear welt securely binds the leather boot to the MAXwear Outsole. The outsole features single-density polyurethane 90 degree bite that helps you walk on grating, ladders, or stairs and secures you to prevent accidents. The removalbe poron comfort cushion insole makes these boots comfortable and create an excellent...

                  Ariat Workhog Square Toe - Steel Toe
                  Price: $179.95
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Ariat Item #: 10006961 -

                    Ariat makes some of the best fitting and longest lasting cowboy work boots in the industry. The Workhog is an excellent boot for climbing work such as scaffolding or walking up steps on a daily basis. ATS Max Technology helps reduce fatigue for long days offshore or in Refineries. A square steel toe is doesn’t bind your feet like traditional boots do. These Safety Toe Boots are ASTM F2413-11 M/1/75 C/75 EH rated.

                    Thorogood American Heritage 8" Emperor - Composite Toe
                    Price: $199.95
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Thorogood Item #: 804-4368 -

                      Thorogood’s American Heritage 804-4368 composite toe boots are lightweight, great looking, and comply with major safety standards needed for entry into work areas. Proudly made in the USA, these safety toe work boots feature a goodyear storm welt that securely binds the boot to the outsole and allows cobblers to re-sole the boot over time. A removable compression foam footbed sits on a Poron comfort cushion insole that reduces the load incurred by your feet and keeps you trucking through long...

                      Thorogood American Heritage 11" Wellington - Safety Toe
                      Price: $184.95
                      Availability: In Stock
                      Thorogood Item #: 804-4372 -

                        Thorogood men’s 804-4372 work boots offers wearers an excellent looking western cowboy boots that pulls on with reinforced strap. These safety toe work boots are proudly made in the USA and ready to dominate the electrical, oilfield, construction, and combustible dust sectors. A goodyear welt firmly bonds the outsole to the boot to reduce the likelihood of your boots coming apart. The removable dual-density ultimate shock absorption insole keeps your feet fresh and resilient. The MAXwear 90...

                        Twisted X Driving Mocs Slip-On - Composite Toe
                        Price: $114.95
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Twisted X Item #: MDMSC03 -

                          Twisted X’s MDMSC03 composite safety toe light driving mocs offers wears a great looking PPE that will protect you in industrial settings where protective footwear is required. The slip on design allows you to “kick” these shoes on in no time and be ready to go out the door. The stylish look allows you to wear these comp toe driving mocs places other than at work. These slip and oil resistant boots will safeguard your feet and keep them cozy. These mocs are ideal for workers who are required...

                          Double H Domestic Square Toe Roper - Steel Toe
                          Price: $209.95
                          Availability: In Stock
                          Double H Item #: DH5400 -

                            Double H’s DH5400 work boot is proudly made by men and women right here in the United States of America. Featuring a steel safety toe that meets I/75 & C/75 classifications this boot will help protect your feet form heavy and falling objects. The saddle vamp helps further protect your feet as you work in the treacherous oilfield environment. The cushioned insoles reduce the amount of wear and tear on the bottom of your feet as you take down long work days. The ICE Outsoles are firmly attached...

                            Timberland AG Boss Wellington Waterproof Square Toe - Alloy Safety Toe
                            Price: $219.95
                            Availability: In Stock
                            Timberland Item #: 1001A -

                              Timberland’s PRO AG Boss 1001A safety toe work boots feature a rugged meets western look and are completely waterproof from the sole to the uppers. An alloy toe shields your feet from heavy and falling objects. COOLMAX thermoregulation technology keeps your feet at a steady temperature and helps prevent them from perspiring. Anti-Fatigue technology keep you upright longer and promote fresh feet that don’t get tired easily. The Timberland PRO outsole is non-marking, slip, oil, and abrasion...

                              Ariat Sierra Square Toe - Steel Toe
                              Price: $159.95
                              Availability: In Stock
                              Ariat Item #: 10010134 -

                                Ariat’s Sierra Steel Toe Boots are excellent for people working in industrial occupations. The leather uppers are crafted with an intricate western design and are built to take on the rough day to day conditions that the oilfield demands. A wide square toe gives a roomy fit and doesn’t bind your feet like traditional styles can do. This boot is a great fit for high heat and abrasion related occupations such as welding and railroad. These Safety Toe Work Boots will last a long time and not...

                                Timberland Boondock 6" Waterproof - Composite Toe
                                Price: $179.95
                                Availability: In Stock
                                Timberland Item #: 92615 -

                                  Timberland’s men’s 92615 composite safety toe work boots feature a special toe protector that helps battle abrasion and wear to the top of these boots. Waterproof leather and membranes keep your feet dry while the boot is engaged in wetness. The lace up design gives your feet ample ankle support and helps prevent ankle sprains. Solid cement construction binds the boot securely to the outsole to prevent the two from coming separated. The fiberglass shank alleviates some stress to your legs by...

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                                  Price: $174.95
                                  Availability: In Stock
                                  Twisted X Item #: MSC0005 -

                                    Twisted X’s dark green MSC0005 cowboy work boot feature great looking uppers, a safety steel toe, and intricate leather work that allows you to wear these boots out and about while looking great. The cowboy comfort sd footbed can be washed, is antibacterial, and wicks moisture to provide your feet with a great atmosphere. The XSD insole gives wearers superior comfort and uncompromising stability regardless of what surface that you’re walking upon. The 60K outsole is designed to outperform the...

                                    Thorogood American Heritage 8" Plain Toe - Safety Toe
                                    Price: $179.95
                                    Availability: In Stock
                                    Thorogood Item #: 804-4379 -

                                      Thorogood’s USA Made 804-4379 work boot is slip and oil resistant and ready to tread on drilling pads, offshore rigs, and plants throughout the world. These EH boots feature a ASTM steel safety toe and help protect your feet as you carry out daily work tasks. A removable insole absorbs shock and alleviates the pressure on your feet to help you make it through long days. A 90 degree MAXwear single-density polyurethane outsole is strong and repels hazards that could puncture less quality boots....

                                      Wolverine Drillbit BOA Waterproof - Steel Toe
                                      Price: $188.95
                                      Availability: In Stock
                                      Wolverine Item #: W10308 -

                                        Double H Square Toe Roper - Steel Toe
                                        Price: $212.95
                                        Availability: In Stock
                                        Double H Item #: DH3567 -

                                          Double H’s DH3567 Steel Toe Roper Boot is proudly made here in the United States of America. A steel safety toe helps protect wears against falling or heavy objects. A saddle vamp offers extra protection for your feel. The footprint insole helps keep your feet trucking after long days out on the oil rig. These full grain leather work boots feature the ICE Outsole that is abrasion resistant for longer usage in the petrochemical industry. These EH Rated boots sport a I/75 classification and a...

                                          Timberland TiTAN 6" Lace-To-Toe - Safety Toe
                                          Price: $139.95
                                          Availability: In Stock
                                          Timberland Item #: 50506 -

                                            Timberland’s 50506 men’s work boot is ready to dominate petrochemical, electrical, and utility sectors on the ground, but tread lightly on your wallet. These alloy toe boots are lightweight and meet major safety requirements to gain entry into plants and construction area. These EH rated brown boots feature stylish craftsmanship and look very presentable. Timberland’s PowerFit comfort system makes these boots feel great and makes you feel like you’re walking around the oilfield in house...

                                            Thorogood Wellington Waterproof Z-Trac - Composite Toe
                                            Price: $139.95
                                            Availability: In Stock
                                            Thorogood Item #: 804-4810 -

                                              Thorogood’s pull on 804-4810 wellington work boots are EH rated and ready to battle damp conditions where safety toe boots are required. A composite toe shields the wearer from heavy objects and helps safeguard your feet. The composite safety toe is lighter than steel toe counterparts and reduces the drag on your feet and calves. The waterproof construction allows for you to take on puddles and wet atmospheres while your feet remain dry and protected. These abrasion resistant Thorogood boots...

                                              Thorogood Sport Hiker - Composite Toe
                                              Price: $134.95
                                              Availability: In Stock
                                              Thorogood Item #: 804-4037 -

                                                Thorogood’s 804-4037 men’s hiking boot comes with a light composite toe that doesn’t drag you down when you’re pulling long days out in the oilfield and on your feet. Cement construction means that the soles are fastened to the boot securely and will help you avoid a blowout while trekking on a pad site with sketchy terrain. Nylex lining is resistant to high abrasion. A removable polyurethane insole and static dissipative footbed harbors your feet and makes you feel like you’re waking on a...

                                                Timberland TiTAN Slip-On - Safety Toe
                                                Price: $114.95
                                                Availability: In Stock
                                                Timberland Item #: 53534 -

                                                  Timberland’s 53534 Pro Titan alloy toe work shoes are ideal for workers who need lightweight and solid PPE that is comfortable to walk in. The soft and pliable full grain leather uppers break in quickly and are stylish. A lightweight alloy toe protects your feet from heavy objects and fall hazards. Cement construction gives this boot flexibility and reduces the amount of time that it takes to break in. A polyurethane midsole gives you excellent cushioning. The antimicrobial treatment keeps...

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