Bulwark offers wearers top notch shirts and pants for workers who need FR clothing. We offer up a large on hand inventory of jackets, shirts, jeans, pants, and other flame resistant garments that is ready to ship out. We have arc rated and fire retardant clothing that meet OSHA, ASTM, and NFPA standards. Whether you're in the oilfield, petrochemical, offshore, electrical, or combustible dust sectors, we've got you covered head to toe with personal protective equipment at munrossafety.com Get your safety needs this instant!

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Item #: QT20 -

    Bulwark’s FR iQ Series Henley is an excellent pullover frc shirt that’s ideal for the warmer months or a great Spring day. The 69% cotton, 25% polyester, and 6% polyoxadiazole blend that is soft to the touch and meets most major safety standards. The four button placket can be fastened to help protect you against arcs or flashes. A rib knit collar is easy on your skin and doesn’t agitate you like other FRs can. The front left chest pocket is a superb place for you to put your safety glasses...

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    Item #: QT12 -

      Bulwark’s iQ Polo is a great FR Shirt for people who want something tough, rugged, and breathable that meets all of the safety requirements. A 69% FR Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 6% Polyoxadiazole blend gives us a warm weather FR Garment that’s perfect to wear in the summer time or warmer climates. A zipper front makes taking this PPE off simple. Rib knit cuffs can be pulled up to cool off quicker when you’re in safe areas. Raglan sleeves give you more room inside the garment that keeps you...

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      Item #: QT32 -

        Bulwark’s iQ Series Long Sleeve Tee is a great form of PPE for individuals who want a quality FR garment that keeps you cool, dry, and safe all at the same time. Available in blue, stone, charcoal, dark blue, red, and black this FR shirt wicks the moisture right off of your body to prevent you from getting wet while working on tough oilfield jobs. The raglan sleeves give you ample room and great range of motion to move your arms while keeping you protected well from hazards that occur. Rib...

        Bulwark FR Team Jacket - Navy bulwark,bulwark fr,bulwark fr jacket,bulwark frc jacket,bulwark fr outerwear,bulwark frc outerwear,bulwark fr clothing,bulwark fr clothes,bulwark fr winter clothing,bulwark fr winter,bulwark fr winter gear,bulwark fr,bulwark jacket,bulwark safety jacket,bulwark mens jacket,bulwark men’s jacket,bulwark flame resistant jacket,bulwark fire resistant jacket,bulwark fire retardant jacket,bulwark flame retardant jacket,bulwark oilfield jacket bulwark jet2nv,jet2nv,jet2nv bulwark jacket,bulwark ppe,bulwark jacket ppe,bulwark mens jacket ppe,arc rated jacket,hrc jacket,hrc outerwear,arc rated bulwark jacket,arc rated mens bulwark jacket,arc rated outerwear,arc rated bulwark outerwear,hrc 4,hrc 4 jacket,hrc 4 outerwear,cheap fr jacket,cheap frcs
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        Item #: JET2NV -

          Bulwark’s Fire Resistant Team Jacket is a must have for the cold winter months. Composed of 100% FR Cotton this jacket is very soft, yet strong enough to meet the standards that the oilfield demands. Insulated, this jacket will block the elements and help preserve your body heat and keep you warm as you carry out your job responsibilities. The nomex taped brass zipper helps shield arc flashes and blasts because the nomex helps repel threats. The rib knit waist, collar, and cuff help seal off...

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          Item #: JLP8NV -

            Bulwark’s Flame Resistant Winter Outerwear is a great choice for workers in industries that require the use of PPE. The Excel FR ComforTouch Deluxe Parka features 12 Ounce insulation that helps keep you warm and protected from electrical arcs, thermal blasts, and flash hazards. A Nomex taped zipper is a great additional to protection to help keep you safe while on the jobsite. Three large pockets found on the front of this FR parka are an excellent place for you to store work related items. An...

            Bulwark FR Insulated Bomber Jacket - Navy bulwark,bulwarkfr,bulwark frc,bulwark fr clothing,bulwark fr clothes,bulwark fr jacket,bulwark fr jacket,bulwark fr bomber jacket,bulwark frc bomber jacket,bulwark fr ppe,bulwark winter clothing,bulwark fr winter clothing,bulwark insulated jacket,bulwark insulated frc,bulwark insulated fr clothing,bulwark insulated outerwear,bulwark flame resistant winter jacket,bulwark fire resistant jacket,bulwark fire retardant winter clothes,bulwark flame retardant winter clothing,bulwark fire resistant outerwear,bulwark fire retardant outerwear,bulwark flame retardant outerwear,jlr8nv,jlr8nv bulwark,jlr8nv bulwark jacket,cold weather protective clothing,winter ppe,cold weather ppe,cold weather fire resistant jacket,cold weather fr jacket,cold weatherfr
            Price: $235.95
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            Item #: JLR8NV -

              Bulwark’s FR Bomber Jacket is an excellent article of PPE that will help keep you warm and protected during the cold winter months. The flame resistant outerwear features 100% fire retardant cotton liner. A Nomex taped zipper helps protected the wearer where just the zipper could leave him/her vulnerable to flash hazards. The inner chest pocket is an excellent place for you to store your personal belongings in this cold weather arc rated jacket. The deep-pleated back gives an excellent look...

              Bulwark FR Zip-Front Hooded Sweatshirt - Navy Bulwark,bulwark fr hoodie,bulwark hoodie,bulwark hoodie sweatshirt,bulwark hooded sweatshirt,bulwark mens hoodie,bulwark unisex hoodie,bulwark flame resistant hoodie,bulwark fire resistant hoodie,bulwark flame retardant hoodie,bulwark fire retardant hoodie,bulwark arc rated hoodie,bulwark hrc 2 hoodie,bulwark mens flame retardant hoodie,bulwark fr mens hoodie,bulwark mens fire retardant hoodie,bulwark mens fire resistant hoodie,bulwark mens flame resistant hoodie,bulwark fr sweatshirt,fr clothing,fr clothes,fr sweatshirt,fr hoodie,fr mens hoodie,cheap fr hoodie,cheap bulwark hoodie,cheap bulwark fr hoodie,seh4nv,seh4nv bulwark,she4nv bulwark hoodie,arc rated hoodie,arc rated mens hoodie,hrc 2 hoodie,frc hoodie
              Price: $186.95
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              Item #: SEH4NV -

                Bulwark FR’s Hoodie features 12.5 Ounce 95% Cotton 5% Spandex composition that’s very soft and protects your person from thermal blasts and flash hazards. A drawstring helps seal off your upper extremities that helps protect you. When worn, the hood is composed of the same FR Fabric and carries an Arc Rating ATPV of 16 calories/cm^2 and helps safe guard your head. The hemmed sleeve can be pulled up when you’re getting your hands dirty. An elastic waist expands to accommodate you during the...

                Bulwark FR Brushed Fleece Sweatshirt - Navy Bulwark,bulwark sweatshirt,bulwark pullover,bulwark fr pullover,bulwark fr safety,bulwark fr clothing,bulwark frc clothing,bulwark mens sweatershirt,bulwark fr sweatshirt,bulwark fr winterwear,bulwark winter clothing,bulwark cold weather,bulwark cold weather clothing,bulwark winter ppe,bulwark ppe,bulwark mens ppe,bulwark safety ppe,bulwark outerwear ppe,bulwark navy sweatshirt,bulwark navy pullover,bulwark fr pullover,bulwark fr sweatshirt,bulwark arc rated sweatshirt,bulwark navy pullover,bulwark frc clothing,bulwark frc outerwear,bulwark frc sweatshirt,bulwark frc pullover,sec2nv,sec2nv,sec2nv bulwark sweatshirt,fr pullover,fr sweatshirt,cheap fr winterwear,cheap fr outerwear,cheap fr pullover,cheap fr sweatshirt
                Price: $134.95
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                Item #: SEC2NV -

                  Bulwark’s SEC2NV flame resistant pullover is great for industrial workers who keep safety as a top priority in the workplace. This affordable PPE can easily be tossed on by truck drivers who need to put on arc rated clothing before entering a refinery or the oilfield. The crewneck is open and won’t agitate your neck or outer extremities. The hemmed sleeves can be pulled up if required, however will not work properly if done so because your arms are exposed. An elastic waist can accommodate you...

                  Bulwark FR Pre-washed Denim Jean bulwark,bulwark fr,bulwark frc,bulwark fr jeans,bulwark frc jeans,bulwark mens jeans,bulwark fr clothing,bulwark fr clothes,bulwark fr ppe,bulwark arc rated clothing,bulwark arc rated clothes,bulwark hrc 2 jeans,bulwark arc rated jeans,bulwark arc rated pants,bulwark arc rated,arc rated,arc rated jeans,bulwark hrc 2 jeans,hrc 2,hrc 2 jeans,bulwark cotton frcs,bulwark pants,bulwark jeans,bulwark mens jeans,bulwark men’s jeans,bulwark pej4dw,pej4dw,pej4dw jeans,fr jeans,fr clothing,fr clothes,classic fit fr jeans,classic fr jeans,mens fr clothing,mens bulwark jeans,bulwark ppe,bulwark frc clothing,bulwark frc,oilfield clothing,fr safety jeans,fire resistant jeans,flame resistant jeans,flame retardant jeans,fire retardant jeans,fire-resistant
                  Price: $57.95
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                  Item #: PEJ4DW -

                    Bulwark FR’s classic fit jeans sit just below your natural waistline. The PEJ4DW gives you a soft and comfortable fit. Two front pockets are a great place for safety glasses or tape measures when you’re not using them. Rear pockets are an excellent spot for your personal items. Two-seam construction helps maintain the durability of these fire retardant jeans to increase the longevity of this PPE. The FR Jeans have been pre-washed so they have a great fit and come with a front nonconductive...

                    Bulwark FR Stone Washed Loose Fit Denim Jean Bulwark,bulwark fr,bulwark frc,bulwark frc jeans,bulwark fr clothing,bulwark fr mens jeans,bulwark frc mens jeans,bulwark loose fit jeans,bulwark fr loose fit jeans,bulwark arc rated jeans,bulwark fr mens arc rated jeans,bulwark fr mens,bulwark fr mens ppe,bulwark fr stone washed jeans,bulwark stone washed jeans,bulwark stone washed jeans,bulwark mens fire resistant jeans,bulwark men’s fire retardant jeans,bulwark mens flame resistant jeans,bulwark men’s flame-retardant jeans,bulwark fr cotton jeans,fr cotton jeans,frc jeans,pej6sw,pej5sw bulwark,pej6sw bulwark jeans,cheap fr jeans,cheap fr,cheap fr clothing,cheap fr clothes,welder clothing,frc,fr,fr ppe,bulwark ppe,bulwark apparel,bulwark fr apparel,bulwark mens ppe,bulwark,fr jeans,frc
                    Price: $58.95
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                    Item #: PEJ6SW -

                      Bulwark’s PEJ6SW FR Jeans are an excellent loose fitting flame resistant PPE that’s used across the petrochemical, utility, construction, and combustible dust industries. When you’re on a drilling rig and need additional space, these jeans have you covered with extra room in the seat and thighs that don’t bind you up. Frontal pockets are a great spot to put your PPE when you’re not in the refinery. Rear pockets accommodate most of your personal items with no problem. The traditional jean style...

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                      Price: $68.95
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                      Item #: PEJ8DW -

                        Bulwark’s pre-washed denim dungaree jeans are very resourceful all while keeping you safe in the workplace. Composed of 100% fire resistant cotton these FR jeans feature five pockets to help you store all your essential workplace items. The two front pockets are extra deep and an excellent place for you to store your safety items. The hammer and utility loop are a great place for workplace items. The triple needed felled outseam is ready to be battle tested because it’s reinforced two more...

                        Bulwark FR Straight Fit Sanded Denim Jean bulwark,bulwark fr,bulwark frc,bulwark fr jeans,bulwark frc jeans,bulwark fr clothing,bulwark fr clothes,bulwark fr denim jeans,bulwark fr denim,bulwark fr denim clothing,bulwark fr denim,fr denim jeans,fr denim,bulwark mens jeans,bulwark fr straight fit denim jeans,pejmsd,pejmsd bulwark,pejmsd bulwark jeans,bulwark mens fr clothing,bulwark oilfield clothes,bulwark oilfield clothing,bulwark fire-resistant ppe,bulwark flame resistant ppe,bulwark fire retardant ppe,bulwark flame retardant ppe,bulwark sanded fr jeans,bulwark fr sanded mens jeans,sanded fr jeans,sanded flame resistant jeans,sanded fire resistant jeans,sanded fire retardant jeans,sanded flame retardant jeans,arc rated bulwark jeans,arc rated bulwark,hrc 2 bulwark jeans
                        Price: $62.95
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                        Item #: PEJMSD -

                          Bulwark’s Sanded Flame Retardant Jeans are a stylish, comfortable, and safe PPE that’s used widely in the petrochemical industry. Made up of 100% FRC these jeans are soft to the touch yet ready to take on the abuse that the oilfield regularly delivers to its equipment. Twin front pockets are a great place for you to keep your personal and workplace items. The two seam construction helps keep these FR jeans intact as they get battle tested every day. The straight fit style ensures that the pant...