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Lapco 7 oz. FR Western Pearl Snap Shirt - Khaki flame, resistant, retardant, work, button down
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    Lapco’s IKH7WS blends the western look into a FR Shirt that’s durable, good looking, keeps safety at the forefront for workers in the petrochemical, electrical, utility, and combustible dust industries. At 7 Ounces this FRC Shirt is very soft, but also meets Hazard Risk Category 2 standards. The moisture management system pulls the perspiration off of your skin and releases it outside of the garment to keep a suitable environment inside your shirt. Four row stitching keeps this safety apparel...

    Lapco 7 oz. FR Western Pearl Snap Shirt - Navy flame, resistant, retardant, button down, pearlsnap
    Price: $45.35
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    Item #: INV7WS -

      Lapco FR’s INV7WS blends the western look with a pearl snap work shirt that’s safe, strong, and affordable for workers in the oil & gas industry. The moisture management system wicks the moisture off of your skin and displaces it outside of the FRC Garment. Four rows of lock stitching guarantee that this FR clothing is well built and will resistant abrasions when challenged. Double needle stitching ensures that this FR shirt is reinforced and won’t come apart easily. Furthermore, the Nomex...