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Timberland TiTAN 6" Lace-To-Toe - Safety Toe
Price: $139.95
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Item #: 50506 -

    Timberland’s 50506 men’s work boot is ready to dominate petrochemical, electrical, and utility sectors on the ground, but tread lightly on your wallet. These alloy toe boots are lightweight and meet major safety requirements to gain entry into plants and construction area. These EH rated brown boots feature stylish craftsmanship and look very presentable. Timberland’s PowerFit comfort system makes these boots feel great and makes you feel like you’re walking around the oilfield in house...

    Timberland TiTAN Slip-On - Safety Toe
    Price: $114.95
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    Item #: 53534 -

      Timberland’s 53534 Pro Titan alloy toe work shoes are ideal for workers who need lightweight and solid PPE that is comfortable to walk in. The soft and pliable full grain leather uppers break in quickly and are stylish. A lightweight alloy toe protects your feet from heavy objects and fall hazards. Cement construction gives this boot flexibility and reduces the amount of time that it takes to break in. A polyurethane midsole gives you excellent cushioning. The antimicrobial treatment keeps...

      Timberland Helix 6" Waterproof - Alloy Safety Toe
      Price: $169.95
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      Item #: 85594 -

        Timberland’s PRO Titan 85594 boots are waterproof and come equipped with a lightweight and solid alloy toe that protects its wearers as they trek on dangerous terrain. Cement construction gives you a fortifying bond and helps prevent the boot coming apart from the outsole. These Timberland anti-fatigue boots keep your feet and calves fresh throughout the day to keep your feet energized and so you stay comfortable. The EVA Midsole gives you cushion as you walk through chemical plants. The mesh...

        Timberland Boondock 6" Waterproof - Composite Toe
        Price: $179.95
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        Item #: 92615 -

          Timberland’s men’s 92615 composite safety toe work boots feature a special toe protector that helps battle abrasion and wear to the top of these boots. Waterproof leather and membranes keep your feet dry while the boot is engaged in wetness. The lace up design gives your feet ample ankle support and helps prevent ankle sprains. Solid cement construction binds the boot securely to the outsole to prevent the two from coming separated. The fiberglass shank alleviates some stress to your legs by...

          Timberland AG Boss Wellington Waterproof Square Toe - Alloy Safety Toe
          Price: $219.95
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          Item #: 1001A -

            Timberland’s PRO AG Boss 1001A safety toe work boots feature a rugged meets western look and are completely waterproof from the sole to the uppers. An alloy toe shields your feet from heavy and falling objects. COOLMAX thermoregulation technology keeps your feet at a steady temperature and helps prevent them from perspiring. Anti-Fatigue technology keep you upright longer and promote fresh feet that don’t get tired easily. The Timberland PRO outsole is non-marking, slip, oil, and abrasion...

            Timberland AG Boss Wellington Waterproof - Alloy Safety Toe
            Price: $214.95
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            Item #: 1053A -

              Timberland’s western style 1053A waterproof work boot will keep you dry and safe in treacherous construction sites, refineries, oilfield pads, or offshore drilling rigs. An alloy safety toe is lightweight, but strong as an ox to deter heavy objects and safeguard your feet. A square toe offers ample room for your feet and doesn’t bind or cramp you up. A rigid heal up provides wearers lateral stability. COOLMAX thermoregulation keeps a pleasant environment inside your boots. The fiberglass shank...

              Timberland Powertrain ESD - Alloy Safety Toe
              Price: $109.95
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              Item #: 1062A -

                Timberland PRO 1062A safety toe tennis shoes offer house slipper comfort with major safety standard protection from falling/heavy objects. An alloy toe is lightweight and won’t be as cumbersome as a steel toe, but still safeguard your feet. The fiberglass shank helps reduce the amount of weight incurred by your calves and feet and keeps you fresh during long days at the workplace. The anti-fatigue technology helps harness the energy incurred by each footstep and bounce that same energy off the...

                Timberland Boondock 8" Waterproof - Composite Toe
                Price: $209.95
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                Item #: 1112A -

                  Timberland’s 1112A PRO Boondock 8 inch men’s work boot is lightweight, rugged, and laces up to create an excellent hiking/work boot that will last you for a long time. The composite toe is strong, light, and meets or exceeds I/75 and C/75 impact compression and ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 safety standards. The goodyear welt binds the boot to the outsole and keeps your PPE intact and functioning properly. A polyurethane midsole keeps your feet comfortable for long days on the job. The fiberglass...