Workrite FR provides wearers arc flash and HRC rated garments to individuals in the petrochemical industry, drilling, oil and gas, as well as offshore sectors. Their flame resistant clothing is top notch in repelling electric arcs and flash fire hazards. Workrite's Nomex, GlenGuard, Westex, and Ultrasoft fabrics are sewn together to create cutting edge fire retardant apparel. Get yours now at

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Workrite 7 oz Ultrasoft FR Work Shirt
Price: $37.50
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Item #: 231UT70 -

    Workrite FR is one of our preferred vendors and tends to attract lots of repeat business. These FR Garments are an excellent “Bang for your buck,” and are one of the best constructed FR Fabrics in the Industry. In addition, the price placement is very reasonable and safety is of greatest importance of this dependable FR Clothing company that’s been in business over 40 years. The 231UT70’s twin breast pockets are ideal for notepads, tape measures, or safety gloves. Furthermore they provide...

    Workrite 9.5 oz Ultrasoft FR Navy Work Pant
    Price: $43.50
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    Item #: 431UT95NB -

      Workrite Uniform Inc. continuously provides some of the most dependable, longest lasting, and safeguarded FR Clothing in the industry. Its 431UT95 Fire Resistant Ultrasoft pants maintain an ARC Rating of 12.4 and give excellent protection against workplace hazards such as arc flames or blasts. FR Pants are ideal and required in most petrochemical, electrical, and utility fields. Even down to the brass zipper, which holds up better than many of the competitions pants Workrite hangs its hat on...